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Samsung Light Tunnel

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** Samsung Light Tunnel lamps can be identified by TV Model number located at the rear of the TV. **

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Samsung Light Tunnel BN67-00058ASamsung Light Tunnel BP96-01961ASamsung Light Tunnel BP96-01962A
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HLM4365 HLM437 HLM5065
HLM507 HLM617 HLM617 S
HLM617 S HLN4365 HLN437
HLN467 HLN5065 HLN507
HLN507 HLN507 1 HLN567
HLN567 HLN617 HLP4674
HLP5063 HLP5674 HLR4677
HLR5677 SPH700 E SPH710 EM
SPH800BEM L62 BN67-00058A
CHASSIS (L3) HLP4663 HLP4667
HLP5067 HLP5663 HLP5667
HLP6163 HLP6167 HLR4264
HLR4266 HLR4664 HLR5064
HLR5067 HLR5667 HLR6164
HLR6167 BP67-00224A BP96-01961A
L680 HLR5078 HLR5668
HLR5678 HLR6168 HLR6178
HLR6768 BP96-01962A HLP5085
HLP5685 HLR5087 HLR5687
HLR5078 HLR5668 BP67-00218A
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Express Delivery is included with all light tunnels. Usually 4-14 delivery in Service Areas.

Secondary cities or rural delivery may be delayed 1-2 days.

*Prompt Response to all Inquiries*