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Convergence ICs

Look Inside

Convergence IC's are used in circuits that align the Red, Green and Blue pictures on top of each other. Defective IC's produce a distorted picture with extreme coloured outlines. 3D TV Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba and some other manufacturers use Integrated Circuits to replace up to 200 individual parts like Transistors, Resistors, Diodes and capacitors.

They use STK series ICs with Part numbers like STK 392-010, STK 392-040, STK 392-110, STK 392-120, STK 392-150, STK 392-180, and STK 394-250. For increased reliability and fewer Call-Backs we use the highest quality Sanyo ICs available. Using the wrong part number or poor quality ICs can cause poor operation and reduced reliability.

Replacing the Convergence IC's allows the pictures to line up correctly, and eliminate the color outlines. The ICs are mounted on Printed Circuit Boards within the TV.

This is the most common fault in all makes of rear projection TVs.



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